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Here are some of my favorite destinations on the Web. Check them out and if you know some other great places please let me know!

  • Khr0mm’s YouTube Channel
    Currently just a number of YouTube videos I’ve enjoyed. Yes, the channel name is “Khr0mm” and not “Khromm”... guess I was a little late on the username grab there.
    One of a number of “humor” sites I frequent...
  • BSC Community Site
    BSC is an online gaming community I have the pleasure to belong to - still posting in the ST:O forums occasionally, although I’m not playing at the moment...
  • There4U
    Site run by the “apocryphal man in the pub” (see Khromm’s Story on the left) - described as a “...a mental health & well-being service providing information for clients of NHS, Local & National Government Agencies, Housing Associations and the Voluntary Sector in Berkshire and across England...”  Well worth a visit if you have any concerns regarding your state of mind.
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